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We would love to hear your testimonies, too! What has the Lord done for you this year? Let's celebrate together!

I recently was diagnosed with a surgical hernia ready and set to have surgery I was talking to Niki and the church prayed for my hernia to go away. A month later I’m at the doctor and the hernia is no where to be found a hernia that was the size of my palm cannot be found! I was blown away this is something the surgeon told me could only be corrected by surgery!!! They are now telling me wait a couple month but it seems like I am ok what!! God is working he is healing don’t loose faith. Alexa

What I experienced last Saturday August 27th in the healing rooms was a new experience for me. It was very different from all my other visits there. I remember Jesus being inside Juli and they where renewing my mind, and this sounds strange but I felt bright light in my mind, and when I went out of the healing room I felt a very strong urge to Immediately lay down and when I did and closed my eyes I not only felt light I saw light in my brain. I stayed until closing but wanted to stay with that for ever. Ross

I have been battling addictions since I was 13 years old, I have bounced in and out of Alcoholics Anonymous for the last 29 years never being able to completely arrest my addictions. Since I’ve come to Beach Chapel and completely given myself over to Christ, I feel a new power growing within me, I feel protected from the enemy and completely forgiven by God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit . I no longer have any guilt or shame, only knowledge of how much joy God holds for me and this the found Inner Resource, The Great Reality deep inside me. God and Jesus have been showing up almost daily for me, things that are no way coincidental and so obvious, He keeps putting people in my path to help as I share The Good News and gospel, I’m so very grateful for Pastor Micah and for Pastor Bill Burkhardt, I’m just exceedingly happy and immensely relieved for my life in Christ, and to know deep down that everything I have been through was all part of getting me to where I am today, closer to my heavenly father and my Lord Jesus Christ! I no longer identify as a drug addict or alcoholic, but as a child of God in Christ who is fully healed and made whole, relieved of the burden is sand, guilt and shame, a free man who loves God with all his heart. Robert 

This is my 3rd testimony on Saturday August 20th in the healing ❤️‍🩹 rooms. I’ve been coming here since February 19th 2022 and I’ve had so many miraculous healings! It’s been about two months ago now that my left guitar arm was completely healed!!! In Jesus Name!!!! Ross 

I have come to the healing prayer twice now. The first time was for healing of my shoulder and mediation of my divorce. The man and women I met were warm, caring, kind and accepting. They prayed over me and I felt God’s presence. My mediation went exceptionally well and I was able to get what needed from my divorce. I felt peace and hope during it and was given a friend that spent the mediation with me. My shoulder is still recovering from surgery but I know that it will be healed. The second time I sought prayer for my shoulder still. The woman that prayed for me met me in my walk with God and in my life. The answer was praise and release from my burdens and the past few years of suffering. I praise God for this ministry as well as the people that serve. I also got a referral from them for a church closer to me. I have gone and I am making it my home church. Praise the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Tatiana

My son dropped a toy on his foot Friday. Sunday morning he was still limping. There was a word of knowledge given for healing of feet. I asked my son if he wanted to go up and get prayer for his foot. He agreed. After reviving prayer, the pain was at a level two. The two women continued to pray for him and the pain level went to zero. The rest of the day he would check in with me that his foot was still healed. So sweet! Victoria

I just had surgery for a Peritonsillar Abscess, and got my tonsils removed and so far recovery hasn’t been ideal, I’ve lost 20 pounds in a week from the lack of eating and drinking. I couldn’t hear well out of my right and left ears remotely well, everything sounds muffled and all I hear is ringing while my throat feels like when I swallow , that I’m swallowing rocks. Friday I went to service and while I was being prayed over by Brian starley was praying over me, my left ear popped and I could hear out of my left ear and all I can think is that god heard his prayer and really does love me and wants me in better health, But this story doesn’t stop here. I went to the Sunday service and I was being prayed for due to the pain in my lower back which God did deliver me from and I wanted to tell Eli all about it and when I did there’s a extremely loud pop that came from my throat and and it cleared my airway, I could breath normally and my right ear ended up popping and I could literally hear everything around me, and I haven’t since the surgery. It truly does amaze me about how strong the power of prayer is, and how god works in mysterious ways. Trevor

Awesome morning in the Drum Circle (07-23-22) with John and Sandy Clauder and about 10 others. John leads us in different drum beats. What I learned today from the Lord in the midst of drumming was how we learn to attune our ear to the beat, but in doing so we are also learning how to attune our heart to hear Him, Yahweh! There is so much noise in the world today we as believers need to know and hear the Shepherd’s voice. I saw today in the spirit how we will need to be hearing Yahweh’s voice and come together in unity and purpose and focus. Listen yo the best of His heart and follow it. Attune your heart to His heart. Others are doing the same and together we’re meeting each other. Deep calls to deep . Hallelujah ! Colleen

I RECENTLY HAD A diagnosis of Endometriall Cancer. I Had surgery 5 days ago total Hysterectomy. Waiting for word if cancer had spread. Tonight the surgeon called with the wonderful report. No more cancer. 2 weeks before I knew I had cancer prophetic brother was praying for us and God told him ,"Tell Leslie I am. The Lord That healeth her.: And He Has  Leslie

I just have to share the blessing that was poured out and me at the Healing Rooms. I injured the small of my back while horseback riding about 2 1/2 years ago. The pain would come and go and my x-rays were scary. Last Saturday on April 2nd, The Lord healed my back completely and I have no more pain! Susan

During worship at 11am service, Sandy was declaring healing over the whole church and asked people to come forward. For whatever reason I didn’t think of going up even though I’ve been having pain in my shoulder from surfing about 1.5 months ago. All of a sudden I heard and felt a huge POP in my right shoulder and I instantly laughed. I lifted my arm and I didn’t feel the pain in my shoulder. Even now at 6:50pm I am rotating and turning my arm and there is absolutely no pain! I’m so amazed. I had to share how powerful this was. This has never happened to me before :) Rachel

Give us this day our daily bread...checks in the mail,,,financial surprises...this is what we declare. Today after Dave's message on daily bread, we got home to find that someone had delivered a Dominoes order of pizzas and salads to our address, with no reciept. We did not order it. We called Dominoes to let them know, so the people who ordered it could be sent their order, and we were told to keep it all. Thank you, Heavenly Father for supplying several free meals for us! Donelle

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