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Pastoral Support


Every season of life brings unique challenges and opportunities for growth. If you are currently facing hardships, difficulties in relationships, or personal issues and need support, we are here to help. Let us know what is happening on your journey, so we can help you discover the path to a healthy, whole life and to help you increase your connectedness to God.


The Beach Chapel Pastoral Support team are not licensed clinical counselors, psychologists, or therapists, but rather a group of ministers who are trained to help you apply biblical principles to achieve the health and wholeness Jesus paid for at the cross. We aim to support you in your process of overcoming life issues to become the strong & vibrant child of God you are created to be!

Sessions are offered weekly in Encinitas, CA.

What Can I Expect from a Session?

Sessions are focused on empowering people to partner with the Holy Spirit to solve their own problems.

Three step process you will be lead through during a session:

1.    Identifying the Problem:

The team leader will ask questions to help you identify the true problem you are experiencing.

We cannot help someone that doesn’t think they have a problem.

2.    Solve the Problem:

The team leader will ask questions to help uncover the root causes of behavior in their life.

The process of discovering the solution to a problem involves repentance, engaging the pain, and forgiveness.

3.    Create a Plan for Change:

The team leader will ask questions to help create an action plan to develop healthy habits and mindsets

that will assist the individual to make the necessary adjustments to see breakthrough.

The Pastoral Support Team will consist of two to three people. One of them will lead the session, and the others will provide prayer support. Each of the team members have received training in ministering to others and currently participate in a mentoring process. Anything shared during the ministry sessions are held with utmost discretion. 

Your participation is an important part of a Pastoral Support session. Come ready to dive deep. Results will hinge on your willingness to answer questions honestly, thoughtfully and your ability to take responsibility for your choices. As part of the Pastoral Support session, you may be invited to ask yourself questions such as: “Is there anyone I need to forgive?” “Is there a lie I have believed?” “Holy Spirit, what is YOUR truth in this situation?” ​

Holding Hands

About our sessions...


How to prepare...

In the days leading up to your session, there are a few things you can do in preparation:

  • Consider if there are any specific areas in which you would like ministry. 

  • Spend time praying for your session. 

  • If you can, fast from media and/or food for a day prior to ministry

There is a suggested donation of $35.00 for each Pastoral Support session. Donations can be given before or after ministry online by donating here, or in person. Checks can be made out to Beach Chapel, and mailed to 510 S. El Camino Real Encinitas, CA 92024. Beach Chapel serves individuals regardless of whether a donation is given!

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