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What miracle has God done, or what breakthrough have you received? We believe in the power of testimony and we want

to celebrate with you all that the Lord has done. Testimonies raise faith and encourage others!

If God has done the impossible in your life, we want to celebrate it and share it.

Testimonies aren't for us to keep to ourselves because they can bring about breakthrough for others,

and we get this opportunity to tell the world how good God is!

Share your testimony in the form below, we cannot wait to hear your story!

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My son, Devin, started using drugs when he was around sixteen; Devin is now almost thirty-seven. His drug use took over his life; resulting in him being a homeless user of meth for many years. This lifestyle put him in and out of court and jail for one thing or another. In 2018 he was charged with a felony and put on probation for a year. One of the terms of his probation was that he not use drugs. At his probation appointments he continued to test positive for drugs and was ordered to enroll himself in a residential drug rehab within thirty days. 

The thirty days passed and not only had he not enrolled in a program, but he missed a meeting with his Probation officer. Tired of all Devin’s drug use brought into her life and the unmet promises to enroll in a rehab program, his friend Julie, who had allowed him to live in her apartment, kicked him out. In drug vernacular his life was in a "death roll"; referring to how alligators kill prey in the water. In a last ditch effort, I think, to not be on the street again Devin said he wanted to enroll in the Dream Center, a program I’d mentioned, in Los Angeles. So he violated another term of his Probation and left the county of San Diego to go to an intake appointment at the Dream Center. 

On Feb 11th Julie drove him there. He was accepted, but didn't like that the program wouldn't allow him to smoke cigarettes and came back to San Diego. Continuing to use drugs, after a  trip to The Dream Center, Devin was at a place called The Riverbed when he heard God say something like, "If this is the life you want I'll let you have it"...... I believe for a moment God took His hand off Devin and he experienced what life would be like without God's presence. In that moment he knew that wasn't what he truly wanted and said, "NO"!!

After this experience Devin went to the Probation office on Feb 13th, knowing he would most likely be arrested, and turned himself in before being picked up on a warrant. His probation was revoked and the original offence, for which he could have been incarcerated for many years, was now back on the table for sentencing. In God's mercy, on February 22nd, Devin was sentenced to one year probation with early release to a residential drug rehab. He would remain in jail until a bed was available somewhere. The one requirement most programs have is you must test clean of drugs to be accepted. Even though he was in jail there was a hope in my son's heart, I had not seen in years, about the possibilities a life without drugs might hold for him. He's talked about seeking ministry training and wanting to counsel others through the church. Devin wanted to go to The Salvation Army program in Downtown San Diego. They had a bed available. We were told Devin would be drug tested and evaluated on March 8th. It is hard to stay off drugs in jail because you can get any drug you want. Devin was moved from the jail downtown to the George Bailey facility which is much more like a prison environment. He continued to not use drugs while there and when evaluated he tested clean; qualifying for the Salvation Army Program. He was transferred there on March 14th having not used drugs for the month he was in jail.

Since entering that program his friend, Julie, has received a letter in which Devin shared he believes God has delivered him from the desire for drugs. He talked about the program and shared he is committed to completing the six months there. The letter not only contained good news, but showed God has restored my son's thought process and brain function from years of drug use. God is our creator and there is no restoration that He cannot accomplish. I have prayed for years to see my Devin set free from drugs. Why now? I don't know. I only know that in His perfect time God makes all things beautiful.

I want to encourage all who pray for this miracle in the life of someone; our God is not a respecter of one of us over another and what He'll do for one of us He'll do for all of us! Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I believe there will come a day when we all, like the father of the prodigal son, will run with open arms to receive the one we love that has been set free!!


—  Tarey Gerardy

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