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Prophetic Words

2024 In-House Words

Personal victories: The Lord is taking significantly difficult personal challenges in our lives, and transforming what we considered to be a great difficulty into a great blessing - in a way that we thought was unlikely. Not only is he going to bless us personally by giving us this victory, but he's going to empower us to bless others in a way where they can share our victory. Partnering Faith and Wisdom: 2024 is going to be a very big year for building and stepping into purpose at Beach Chapel. It will look like a major partnering of faith and wisdom and that there is something pivotal about the cooperation of these two gifts in this year and season. While faith is the confidence of things not yet seen (Hebrews 11:1), partnering with the Holy Spirit's wisdom is what will make the unseen things a reality. Ultimately, the heart of God in this is to extend an increased invitation towards sonship and prosperity in our church; as people who carry faith-filled visions for their lives submit to those in authority and seek their wise counsel, they will begin to prosper like never before (Proverbs 19:8) and see their dreams realized. Church Growth In our leader meetings, we have talked about increasing the church to 400 in attendance, and all of heaven backing up that request. This is not a season of exclusively qualitative growth in the church, but quantitative as God's heart is to see as many in the church as possible simply because He loves us. While growing a church always requires a mind to work, the acceleration with which it happens will shock us. A good deal of it will have to do with growing in favor and influence with the new age communities who upon encountering Jesus will find Him irresistible. Double It We have also talked about meeting a goal of $10,000/week in giving at the church and that we have actually begun to experience that breakthrough in 2023. The Holy Spirit is saying, "Double it!" It is undoubtedly God's heart to see His Church prosper, and part of that for us looks like having a giving income of $20,000/week. So we declare that a heart for sonship is rapidly increasing at Beach Chapel. We declare that partnering our faith with wisdom will create tremendous increase in our lives and cause our dreams to become a reality. We declare that we are a church that prospers and will witness a surge in people coming into our church who are hungry for Jesus and eager to call Beach Chapel their home. And we declare a doubling of our current giving income! A word we have been hearing for 2024 is RELEASE. It is about merging, victory, depth, and rising. There are some words that fall like rain and some like snow that saturate over time. It's time to release and time for release. We declare free flow and release! There is a partnering with heaven for release this year as Beach Chapel emerges in more of the fullness of destiny and power! As we walk in this release we also gain and grow the muscle of releasing. Let's declare who we are as children of God this year and what heaven is doing: We declare that 2024 is a year of release We are walking in power from heaven today We shed any weight that is not ours to carry and choose to trust you Lord. We are emerging as children of God crowned with righteousness annnd glory We show up and choose to engage and trust the Lord a fresh placing my hope in Him and leaning in with expectancy for the King to draw people to himself There is a move from feelings to strategy and all you need to do is dream and walk. We are going from “Deja Vu to Deja Reve.” Deja Vu is where we have a feeling as though we’ve lived something before. Deja Reve is remembering that you’ve actually dreamed, beforehand, what you are walking in now. This is the season to walk out our dreams. Like in a lucid dream, the minute you realize you can control the dream the dream begins to change to adapt to bring you back under its power. At times you lose the complete dream all together because you’ve taken too much control. That’s why the past 4 years have been so hectic. We have been dreaming and learning how to dream. The Father says: “Let me present the dream to you and you partner with my dream as one “being. Be still and I will move. Rest in, intimately, in your dreams and you will know me and my plans a for you. You’ve been preparing for this for 4 years. Now on this leap year, it’s time to leap into my dreams for you, here on earth as it is in heaven. It’s time to take the leap of faith!!! Your dreams, your BIG thoughts and wonderfilled imagination has been the place I’ve whispered into you, not just as you sleep, but as you walk. Now is the time for the manifested sons and daughters to manifest my dreams for them.” This is the season to walk out what you’ve dreamed even while you are still dreaming. A time to walk out God given strategies rather than feelings, opinions and preferences. Fierce creatures, similar to the living creatures, are standing over beds and though they were poised in peace, they looked as though they were ready to attack. I asked what are they doing and I heard, “they are ready to attack anything that means to breakup peace. In this season peace is key to dream. And dreams are key to move. I am giving strategies but they must become dreams to be partnered with. I am calling forth dreams to become systems, businesses, walks and new life. You have not because you ask not and you can’t ask if you aren’t brave enough to dream. You have to know what you want to ask for. When you dream you turn the world upside down, when you sit you stand, when you dream you walk. I’m showing you how.” There is a birthing coming from renewed wombs. Tombs becoming wombs. The Father says “were many thought they were ending up they will learn they are just starting out. Where many have said “I am too old” they will see that they’re now, finally, old enough. That this is the time they were meant for. They change their speech and will see that they’ve been invoking my name “I AM” and to say they’re too old, in my name, is to say that I’m not capable or renewing their lives. That’s false prophecy, and I will show them that like Sarah the time for birth is mine, not there’s. I will show them that they have been strategically placed to birth not die. I am renewing life. I am restoring all things. I am giving life and life more abundant!” There is a move coming into the marketplace, a move into influence and of His government, like as said in Jeremiah 29:1-11. A move to pray for, to birth into and to build in our city, and when I prospers then so will we. A move into wholeness that God will use our church to influence the city that influences our state, and a state that influences our country. Ester is standing in our sound booth and she says “Now is the time" as she points to the door. People are walking out and receiving manuals by an unseen hand. As the people of our congregation walk out the door there is a second line of people walking in who are saying they were instructed to come by those who just walked out. Each one, who walked out with a manual, were walking with 2 large angelic beings on either side of them as they begin to set up businesses that point back to our church building. It's like Napoleon Bonapart. He was thought to have been short but in fact he was slightly taller than the average men in France at his time. The reason he was said to be short was because the elite Irish guards that he surrounded himself with were all taller than him. Those who were charged with protecting him were taller, larger and stronger than himself and those that would come against him. Napoleon was an excellent strategist and he took so much ground. Tthrough this the Father is showing us His dream. Strategies are being given out and they will cause immediate action when walked out. Heavens guard is walking with us into our dream job assignments here on earth and ground is taken, multiplied and returned with interest. This is linked directly to our assignment of “On earth as it is in heaven.” This is the season where the most strategic moves of our wildest dreams will be walked out even as we dream them. The Lord will multiply There is an outpouring of Grace in every area. The Lord will fill to overflowing, our cup is running over. Outpouring of Finances The Lord is raising up a people walking in hilarious generosity at Beach Chapel. Not only are they seeing the supernatural provision of EVERY need personally, but they experience the supernatural multiplication of every seed sown. They are abundantly enriched in every way as they give generously on every occasion. Outpouring of Glory The ministry we are providing supplies what is lacking for God’s people in every way, inspiring an outpouring of praises and thanksgiving. The glory of the Lord is manifesting in ways we have not seen yet. Keep your eyes open and be ready to receive. Heaven on Earth: There’s a tangible manifestation of Heaven on this campus, and as we learn to steward what God is doing, as we give our YES, and our SEND US, there will be an exponential increase in signs, wonders and miracles. Prophetic Ministry: Beach Chapel is a prophetic ministry who hears the voice of the Lord with clarity and releases His Rhema word with authority and conviction. This year will stand as a catalyst for increase in prophetic anointing and place Beach Chapel “on the map” as the prophetic hub, training ground and sending place. A school will emerge out of our house that will impact the nations as we declare the truths of God from a Better covenant, hopeful, glorious perspective. Healing Ministry: The Healing Rooms will experience a growth beyond measure. The Lord will send both people to serve and those who are needing an encounter with God. There will be an increase in mental health healing, including a powerful deliverance ministry that will attract many from around the nation and even beyond. Children’s Ministry/Youth/Young adults: There is a call on this house to raise up young five fold ministers. This is a big call and is not to be taken lightly. 2024 will be a year of the young leading the old, with gifts springing up in young voices to teach, minister and lead worship. Beach Chapel will be hosting its first youth camp/conference, combining surfing and the beach with powerful glorious encounters. Teaching Hub: There is a fountain of wisdom in this house, and this is the year for release. The voices coming out of this house this year will create a powerful ripple effect in the region and even nation and beyond. as the teaching gift is renewed through hopeful healthy theology mixed with the power of Heaven. This will be something not seen before. This is a launching pad for powerful voices, especially female prophets and apostles, slaying the sacred cows of the religious spirit in their path.

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